Collaboration is a key element of our practice. It is so important that we included this notion in the name of our own studio: the word concrete can be traced back to the latin verb “concrescere”, which means “to grow together”.


Sustainability is integral to our process and it leads us to create considered design to positively impact human experiences and the environment.

Our commitment to developing sustainable solutions throughout every aspects of our business directly affects how we design and produce our goods, how we pick our packaging and how we chose to communicate around what we do.


Our printed goods are all limited edition and individually numbered. We are currently focused on producing small batch and one-offs print runs to limit our waste and control our stock while allowing us to keep working on new designs.

It means that our goods exclusively exists as part of a very specific limited edition and nothing we will ever be re-printed. Once they are gone, they will be gone forever. Aside from making what you buy a little bit more precious, it also means that we are free to keep on experimenting to bring you even more exciting work!


As an organisation we dedicate a significant amount of resources to self-initiated projects, which are lead by a desire to create human experiences that have a greater connection to nature.

The printed goods we produce and sale are themselves self-initiated projects built around a certain amount of practical and theoretical research.

Our self-initiated projects intentionally range across platforms, from publishing to print, allowing us the freedom to experiment while pushing further the boundaries of our practice.


Alongside our commitment to limit our environmental impact, we also believe in supporting organisations that are in line with our mission by donating our time, resources and money.

 Currently, we are focusing our effort on donating a percentage from the sale of specific items to selected organisations. The first items to include any donations will be our first upcoming photozine and we are hoping to include donations through the sale of more and more of our goods. As the studio evolves, we will be looking into new avenues to develop new projects and new collaborations. 

We are always keen to collaborate, if you have a project in mind you would like to discuss, get in touch at